Optional Features:

  • Shopping Cart
  • Inquiry Forms, Newsletters, Documents
  • Photo Galleries, Multimedia
  • Forums, Blogs – integrated with the site
  • Calendars and Events
  • Secure Community and Groupware
Responsive Content Management Websites

Responsive Content Management Websites

Organic Website

Organic Website



Migration & Upgrades

Migration & Upgrades

What I can do for you

We provide a complete content management web-site services, from domain registration & hosting to development & design; clean, organic & responsive!

You can have as little or as much control of the content and growth of your site as you may want. The database driven structure separates layout and content; and the modular design allows content, functions and features to be rearrange like Lego blocks. Empower you and/or you staff today – contact us for a free demonstration of a Web-Bits' content management web-site.

Your web-site can easily morph and grow to reflect business needs, seasons, respond rapidly to client needs and keep pace with advancing technology.

The modular, responsive design allows for almost limitless, and affordable features such as galleries, shopping carts, document management , access control, customer/user registration, inquiry forms and community building.

Do not see it on the list? Ask, just about anything is possible!

Advances in technologies make the internet a moving target. The constant changes effect your sites security and search engine ranking.

Web-Bits works to keep you versions of Joomla, within the installed version, and PHP current and provides the added benefits of AdminTools site security. This service is free of charge as part of hosing.

If your site requires an extensive Joomla migration from 2.5 to 3.x or PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.0 you can get a free estimate for this service.

With Web-bits this is a collaborative effort that requires periodic tweaking.

Our Goals:

  • Monitor how search engines read you site, and what they are reading
  • Generate dynamic and/or timely content updates
  • Make adjustments that include customer/client feedback
  • Keep an eye on the competition

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